Analyzer-General Overview
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Analyzer - General Overview:  also see Report Analyzer

The Analyzer is where you analyze your survey results by filtering your responses, adding Cross TabsCharts or Export your survey data.  You can also view individual responses or Create Reports.  When you add additional sub-users to your account (Multi-User) you can Share your survey and analyze the results together at the same time.  You can also work with the Analyzer while your survey is "Open" and receiving responses.  At anytime you want to save your analysis click on "Save Settings" or use the Create Report feature to create a report which will include your current settings from the Analyzer (e.g.. filters, charting and cross tabs).

Remember!  Key differences between the Analyzer and Report Analyzer are: (aslo see More Differences)

  1. You only have only one Analyzer per Survey but have unlimited Report Analyzers per Survey
  2. You can create a report directly from your Analyzer which retains your Analyzer settings. 
  3. You can share your Analyzer and work together with sub-users in your Multi-User account but you cannot share your Report Analyzer in the same way - instead you use Report Shares which sends out links via email of your reports.
  4. When you are in the Report Analyzer you will see a new icon  the Report Options function is for adding report features (e.g. headers, logos and comments).

 Saves your changes to the Analyzer.  In a "Multi-User" environment when you Share your survey this will save on top of any changes another sub-user may have made.  You can over-write each others changes on the Analyzer when you Share your survey.  Recommendation:  Use the function to avoid any conflicts in sharing changes to your Analysis.

  View your individual respondents responses where you can  hide, edit or delete them. 

 Filter you responses based on questions, dates, scores or email ID from the Address Book

Cross Tabulation lets you compare two questions answers together and include your own comments.

  This will randomly select a response from the list of "displayed responses" i.e. if you have a "Manage Filter" setup then it will randomly select from the "filtered" list (e.g. last month responses only)

  You can export your response data and email list data to either a .CSV or .TXT format and also works with your Manage Filters.

  Create a Report which will copy ALL of your current settings in the Analyzer.

  Globally apply charting to all of your closed ended questions.  Click the last icon to clear all charting on the Analyzer.

  Replace your question text with the Alias setup in your Item Types.

  The Revert to function clears and resets your Analyzer.

  The Show function works in conjunction with the next icon and lets you view selected questions.

  This work in conjunction with the Show icon (see above) and lets you Edit and choose any combination of questions to be viewed on the Analyzer.

  This hides all open ended questions on the Analyzer.

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