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Deploy Survey:

You have 6 ways you can deploy your survey electronically plus paper surveys using our Manual Input process.  When you have finished creating and setting up your survey then the last step is to Deploy.

How to:

Option 1:  From the Surveys List Page

  1. Click on the Surveys tab
  2. Under "Actions" select the "Directional Fence Post" icon and select "Deploy Survey" from the menu - or -

Option 2: From your Modify Survey Page

  1. Click on the Surveys tab
  2. Click on the "Modify Survey" icon and when you are finished modifying your survey
  3. Click on the button located at the bottom of the Modify Survey Page

Deploy Survey Page:  Next choose which option to deploy your survey:

  1. Invite Respondents from an Email List - This option works with the Address Book which lets you send out your survey using an email list
  2. Send Out Email Link from your own email program - Use this option when you want to use your own email program. - Just click on the clipboard to paste the link to the survey into your own emails. Also use this option to Test your survey.
  3. Display Link on your website - Use this option to create a link on your own website.
    • Click the box if you want the survey to open into a new window which will update the code. 
    • Click on the clipboard to copy the survey link into memory and send it to your webmaster.
  4. Create Pop-Up Survey on your website - This is a 2 step option and lets you create a "pop-up" survey on your website.
    • Step 1: Copy the code into the HEAD of your HTML document
    • Step 2:  Paste the code in step 2 into your BODY tag
    • Caution!  Many users have popup blockers which could prevent them from taking your survey when using this option.
  5. Provide your respondent with a survey id they can enter from our website- Instruct your respondents to go to website and click on the link "Have a SURVEY ID Click Here" which is located at the top of our website and enter the 8 digit survey code to take the survey.
  6. Send Survey Link to a Target Group - (Market Research) This option allows you to deploy your market research survey to over 7 million panelists in over 50 countries immediately without having to get a quote.  Simply click on this link, define your target group and complete the purchase.  With our interface you can get an exact cost for your target group, no surprises and it's seamless.  Once you deploy your survey using this method, your responses will be received in 2-3 days.  Click Target Group to learn more.

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