Survey General Overview
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Surveys General Overview:

The Surveys List Page is where you manage all of your survey activity.

Filter the list of surveys by their survey status

  Create your surveys 3 ways - scratch, copy from other surveys or use a template

Page Functions:

Status:  Your surveys can have 4 status flags - Blue=Design, Green=Open,  Red=Closed, Yellow=Beyond Date Range - Only a surveys with an Open Status can receive responses. When you Share your survey to others or they share their survey to you in your Multi-Licensed User Group any Shared Survey will have a red "S" next to the survey status flags -  See Survey Status for more.

Sorting the List:  You can click on the "headings" for Title, Created, Responses and sort the lists either ascending or descending.  The green arrow indicates how your list is currently sorted.

Survey Name:  Your survey names are "hyperlinked" which allows you to quickly preview your survey and save it to an Adobe PDF file. You can tell if you are not the survey owner if your survey has a "user" name in brackets next to the survey name.  Just remember if you are not the survey owner then you can do anything with the survey except delete it.

Responses:  This indicator tells you how many responses your survey has and clicking on it drills down to view all of your individual responses.  You can click on the "View" to see all of the answers given for a single respondent.

Invites:  This displays counters when you deploy your survey using the Invitations method.  The first counter represents responses received from your invitations; the second counter reflects ALL invitations sent to this survey.  You can click on both counters to drill down to the list.


Modify Survey -  This lets you edit and modify your survey and its Survey Options

Analyzer - Analyze your results, filter results and Create a Report

Additional Actions - Click here for details

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