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Edit a Contact
Posted by Jay Farr, Last modified by Jay Farr on 22 June 2012 03:21 PM

Edit a Contact:

You can edit a contact either from your "Contacts" page or from within a "List" page.

  1. Click on Address Book
  2. Select either "View Contacts" or "View Lists"
  3. Under "Actions" click on the "Drivers License" icon to edit your contact information.

Once the contact information is displayed you can change any field and/or make the contact inactive by un-checking the "Active" box.  When you change a contacts status to "In-Active" they will still remain in the list and the Address Book but they will be shown separately when you deploy the list to a survey. This allows you to retain your contacts in your list but separate them when you deploy your survey as you now have the option to check just the "Active" contacts.

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