Custom Fields in the Address Book
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Custom Fields in the Address Book:

The Address Book has 3 standard fields and 6 custom fields for each contact in your Address Book.  Custom Fields can be modified at anytime and are designed to be used globally across all of your contacts in your account.  Whether you have a single user or a "Multi User" account you can only modify your own custom fields in your Address Book.  Remember that whenever you use a custom field it will be shown for ALL of your contacts.

To modify Custom Fields:

  1. Click on Address Book
  2. Click on "Change Custom Fields"
  3. Edit your custom fields (11 character limit)  and click "Save"

Using Custom Fields:

Once you have your custom field's setup and contacts added which contain data for your custom fields you can sort your contacts based on your custom fields either in the "Contacts" page or "View List" page.

How to use Custom Fields - Go to:

  1. Address Book
  2. Click on either "View Contacts" or "View Lists"
  3. Click on either of the 2 custom field dropdown boxes and choose the custom field you wish to display.
  4. You can "Sort" your data either ascending or descending by clicking on the blue double arrow.  The "Green" arrow indicates how the list is sorted i.e. "Up" for "Ascending" and "Down" for "Descending"

View: You can also filter you list using the "View" dropdown and select to view by "Active" or "InActive"

Alpha Bar:  To further filter down you list click on any letter in the Alpha Bar and then click any column you wish to filter on.  For example if you want to show all contacts with the last name of "Smith" then click on the "s" on the Alpha Bar and click on the column "Last" for their last name.  You will then see a filtered list of the "s" in your Address Book or List.

Click here for more details on how to use the "Search Contacts" feature.

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