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Modify Survey Page:

General Overview:

The Modify Survey Page is where you design and edit your survey questions, plus add logic such as Page Conditions and Question Branching, add images and customize your survey options.  You can also Preview your survey as well as Deploy it (open your survey and invite users to respond).

To fully modify your survey it cannot have any responses associated with it.  If you need to modify your survey questions which are locked you will have to delete all responses first prior making changes to them.  You can make changes to your Survey Options and any Display Items without having to delete responses.  See the image below on how to delete all responses.


  • Survey Options - Each survey has its own Survey Options
  • Preview - This lets you see how your survey will look when Deployed plus you can print your survey or save it to an Adobe PDF file.  Click here to learn more about Preview Survey options.
  • Show: You can view all of your survey pages or just one page.  See Page Options: Edit below on how to name your pages.

Working with Page Options:  To bring up the Page Options menu just place your mouse over the Page Options icon.


  • Edit - You can define your Page Name here and include images using the Text Editor.  The Page Name is for internal use only and does not appear on the actual survey.
  • Preview - You can Preview your survey and print a hard copy or save it to an Adobe PDF file.
  • Copy - This will Copy your entire page along with any questions. 
  • Move - This will Move your entire page.
  • Remove Break - This will Remove a Page Break.
  • Delete - This will Delete your page.  Use Caution - it's Permanent!!
  • Conditions - This will create Page Conditions - i.e. displays a page based on a response to a question on a previous page.  A "Page Condition" icon will appear on your Modify Survey Page whenever they have been created which you can click on to view or edit.
  • Branching - This will Branch your respondent to another page in the survey based on a defined answer. A "Question Branching" icon will appear on your Modify Survey Page whenever they have been created which you can click on to view or edit.


Working with individual Item Types on a Page: (Questions and Display Items)

  • Insert an Item Type (green plus sign icon) - Adds an new Item Type
  • Edit an Item Type (pencil icon) - Edits the existing item type.  Note you will have limited abilities to change your item types if you have any responses in your survey see General Options above for more details.
  • Copy an Item Type (copy icon) - This will copy the existing item type.  You will need to edit the newly copied item type to make changes.
  • Move a Question (move icon) - The Move Item Type function lets you move your Item Type on the same page or to another page.
  • Add a Page Break (break icon) - This creates a Page Break in your survey.  Click on the question you want to start on a new page.  See Page Options: Edit above to give your new page a name.
  • Delete an Item Type (trash can icon) - Permanently deletes the Item Type.
  • Move an item Type (up down green arrows) - Moves your item types on the same page only.

Creating a New Page to your survey:

Click on this icon to add a new (blank) page.  You will immediately be on the add new item type screen.  Click the Cancel button if you don't want to add a new page

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