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Multi User Account-Overview
Posted by Jay Farr, Last modified by Jay Farr on 18 November 2013 03:37 PM

Multi User Account: Overview

SurveySquare is a Multi-User system lets you add an unlimited number of "sub-user" accounts whereby you can Share your surveys plus you can deploy and analyze your shared surveys with any user(s) in your multi-user account.  When you Share your survey to others or they share their survey to you in your Multi-Licensed User Group any Shared Survey will have a red "S" next to the survey status flags - You can tell if you are not the survey owner if your survey has a "user" name in brackets next to the survey name  Just remember if you are not the survey owner then you can do anything with the survey except delete it.

You can "un-share" your survey at any time by clicking on the Survey Tab then click on the Directional Fence Post icon then choose Share Survey and then uncheck the user(s).

The Administrator (the person that manages the account) can purchase, setup and manage each user license in their My Account section.

With our Multi-User feature you can also share your work between users - Multi users can share their:

  1. Surveys - Shared users can work with your survey but they cannot delete your survey.  Only the owner (creator) of the survey can delete the survey. 
  2. Analyzer - Shared surveys allows users to view the same Analyzer at the same time.  But remember, since you are sharing the same Analyzer your changes can be lost if the another user is in your analyzer at the same time.  Note: If you have shared your survey and you want to analyze your results independently then create a Report and analyze your results there.
  3. Q-Banks - this is your bank of questions you can use to draw from when creating surveys.  See Q-Banks for more information on this topic.
  4. Styles - Which is how you format the look and feel of your survey
  5. Reports - If you have shared out your survey then your Reports for those "shared" sub-accounts will also be available when they go to create a report by copying from any reports you have created.

The Address Book is not shareable however you can export your contacts and provide them to another sub-user whereby they can re-import them into their Address Book.

Transfer data between Users:

My Account/Manage Users - The Admin can also transfer Surveys, Q-Banks and Styles between any sub-user accounts.  This is usefull whenever a sub-user is no longer using their account and you want to free up a sub account for another user.

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