Carousel Report
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Carousel Report (Custom)

This custom report allows your managers to monitor their team’s performance with automated weekly reporting using our Report Shares.  The report utilizes the carousel to group your team members (e.g. technicians) by reporting manager.  Page 1 of the report is “consolidated” for the entire team.  The subsequent pages in the report are broken down by the each team member in the same group table sub-set. 

You can run “ad hoc” reports for example for “Annual Reviews” which enables you to generate performance reports by tech for a given manager all at once in minutes.  Just add a date range filter and then preview the report and export to PDF!

Sample Carousel Report – showing the consolidated view.

How to create the custom report:

  1. Go to Reports tab
  2. Click on “Create New Report” button
  3. Give the report a name
    • Select the survey
    • Choose “Carousel Report”
  4. Click continue
  5. Add Filters using "Manage Filter" option
    • Select Filter Type=Question
    • Select the carousel question
    • Select the "Where" drop-down field and choose the group you want to report on e.g. choose a manager
    • Date Filter - only add a date filter if you are doing an ad-hoc report.  Report shares automatically filter the date range based on the frequency you choose (i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly.)
    • Click Save
  6. Continue to setup the Report
    • Choose the questions to be included
    • Choose any chart types (NPS Gauge, Bar, Pie, Horizontal Bar, Top Box, Trend Chart)
  7. Report Options
    • Add branding/logo
    • Choose Display Options – these appear on the consolidated report only
      • E.g. Survey Title, Number of Respondents, Applied Filters, Logo
    • Layout Options
      • Page Header
        • Add team member ID, Name and Photo to appear on each page
        • Use the Merge Fields dropdown to insert the code
        • E.g. #ID# #Team_Member# #Photo#
    • Question Display dropdown
    • We recommend the option one page per team member
  8. Click Save


Hint:  Multiple reports?  Use the copy command on the Reports tab once you setup your first report.  Then just change the filters and report name and preview the report or setup the report share (see below).   


Running the Report (Ad Hoc)


Click on the Preview to generate the full report. 

The Carousel Report on the Report Analyzer displays only the “Consolidated” data.  To generate the full report click on any of the Preview buttons.  If you are running the report as an “ad hoc” you may need to add a date range filter as the report defaults to all responses.  Report shares are designed to include only responses received during the report share frequency e.g. Weekly frequency would include responses from the last 7 day.  Monthly frequency includes responses for the previous month.



PDF Export (from the Preview)

You can export the report to Adobe PDF formatting from the Preview.  



Report Shares:  (Click here for more)

Once the report is set up you can setup the report to be automatically sent to anyone. 

Report Shares are sent at 3 am Central Standard Time. 


Setup Report Shares:

  1. Go to Reports tab
  2. Find the report and click on the Shares icon under Actions
  3. Click “Add New Share” button
  4. Add up to 10 email ID’s separated by commas or semicolon
  5. Choose the Report Frequency (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and setup the parameters
    • Choose Save (creates the shares and saves them to run at the designated time) or Choose to Send Now (creates the shares and sends them immediately and schedules them for the next runtime.)

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