Ranking on Scorecard
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Ranking (Scorecard)

Ranking on the scorecard (toggle) creates 3 tiers (High, Middle, Bottom) automatically.   You can sort the scorecard by the Ranking column to create benchmarking.

To turn on Ranking check the "Show Ranking" check box.  

Ranking Calculation:  In this example to calculate the ranking

  1. We add the percentage's across the scorecard and include the NPS.  100%+100%+100%+100%+100%+100NPS= 105.  
  2. We determine the max ranking for the scorecard and divide this value by 3 to create the 3 tiers. 
  3.  Add the color codes for 3 tiers (HighMiddleBottom)  

In this example the ranges look like this:

Sample Scorecard with Ranking

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