My Account General Overview
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My Account General Overview:

The My Account section allows you to manage your account.  The Administrator (Admin) is the one who can make additional purchases, manage subscription plans, credit cards and view and pay all invoices for the account.  For multi-user accounts, the Admin also manages the sub-user account(s) includin their login information and user custom fields.  Admins can also transfer all sub-account activities between sub-accounts (i.e. Surveys and their responses, Q-Banks, and Styles) plus purge "sub-user" activities.

Edit your account information.

The Admin manages all sub-users and their survey activities (Multi-User Accounts)

View your Current plan and survey response activities for your account.

Purchase additional users and/or response credits.

View your Current plan, change to a different plan or cancel your subscription.

Manage ActionTracker Status Definitions (Requires subscription to the ActionTracker)

Auto-Fill prevents your surveys from being disrupted in the event your plan runs out of response credits.

 Group Tables allows you to setup tables that work with your survey questions.  The table can include photos e.g. Technician table for service tech's. 

Manage your Credit Card activity, add/delete/update.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and the Discover Card.

View/Pay/Print your invoices.  We retain invoices for at least 2 years for your convenience.

Change your password for your account.

Custom Sub-User Menu allows you to define which menu options your sub users can have access to.

Manage User Custom Fields for all users.

ActionTracker Email Templates works with the ActionTracker for sending emails.  Templates can be shared to sub users allowing you to  share and standardize the content of your emails.  Supports full branding and linking for things like your social media icons.

Displays our Help Desk where you can view help or post a trouble ticket.  We respond to all trouble tickets received during our normal business hours of 8 am- 5 pm (CST) within 4 hours.  Click here to learn about creating a Trouble Ticket.

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