Response Type List
Posted by Jay Farr, Last modified by Jay Farr on 27 May 2016 08:58 PM

Response Type List

This feature works with the Response Triggers and allows you to add a descriptive colored label that works with the trigger emails and the ActionTracker.


Low Response:NPS

Group: This contains SurveySquares default group labels and is used to group your triggers by type e.g. Sales Lead, Low Rating etc.  If you need us to add to this list just email us at  

Color:  This field allow you to customize the color choice or you can use the default value.

Response Label:  This is an additional description.  In some cases you may only want to use the Group Label.  When you use the same Response Label as the Group field we will only show the Group name.  e.g. Low Response 

Active:  Only labels that are "Active" will be selectable in the trigger setup.

Once you have these Response Type Labels setup, you can then use them when you define your response triggers.

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