Click Thru Tracking
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Click-Thru Tracking:  Also see Product Request Email

Our Product Request or Additional Services feature (Multiple Choice question type) within our surveys allow you to send an automatic email to your respondent and then track which button they clicked on from the survey side and/or from the ActionTracker Listing Page and in the ActionTracker Survey Response Tab.

To setup this feature see Product Request Email



Here's how it looks from the Survey Respondent List page:

How to view this:

Step 1:

  1. Go to Surveys List tab
  2. Click on the Responses count



Here's how to set it up from the Survey Side:

  1. Click on Settings




Step 3:

  1. Choose "Custom" for the default page settings
  2. Column 1:  Select the Name & Address question type and choose the row's you want to be displayed
  3. Column 2:  Select the Multiple Choice question type that is setup for click-thru tracking and check the box "Show Click-Thru Activity
  4. Click Save




Here's how to view it from the ActionTracker:

The stars turn from gray to green when the respondent has clicked on any button/link in the email or reminder email(s).  The counter shows you how many clicks they have made.



ActionTracker:Survey Response Tab

When you drill down to the Action Item/Survey Response tab you can see the full detail or click-thrus by each row.  The number of green stars indicates the number of times they clicked on the button.  

The "Send Reminder" icon allows you to resend the original email to the respondent.


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