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Product Request Email: Also see "Click-Thru Tracking"

This feature allows you to automatically send an email to your respondent when they ask for additional products or services you provide.  The email includes the option to brand the buttons (text,color and size) for each row in your multiple choice question that will link back to your individual website pages.

Using the "click-thru" tracking feature with our ActionTracker, you can auto-assign and priortize the "leads" for your ActionTracker users.   The "click-thru" tracking shows the number of times the respondent clicked on a single button in the email and the date.  

The email template uses our text editor so you can upload your own template and match your branding.  

Daily reminder emails can also be setup to automatically email the respondent (up to 3 times).  These reminders will automatically stop once the respondent has clicked on any one of the buttons in their original or reminder emails.

How to setup this feature using the Multiple Choice question:

The following multiple choice question shows four products/services provided by a sample HVAC company.  The multiple choice question works in conjunction with the Name & Address question question type in your survey with the email merge fields.  When the respondent takes the survey they would input their name and email ID in the Name & Address question type and choose any of the rows from the Multiple Choice question.  When they complete their response, the Trigger would send them your Product Request email with buttons (or links) that point to any page(s) on your website.   The "Click-Thru" option allows you to know when and how many times a respondent clicked on the email buttons/links allowing you to prioritize your follow-up with your customers.



Step 1:  Add/Edit your Multiple Choice Question on your survey on the Modify Survey page.  Below is an example of our product request multiple choice question.



Step 2:  "Options:" Click on the "Include Reply Link" check box to expand the question to allow for branding button/links and add your URL links to your website pages for each row in the MC question.




Step3:  Options:  

Enable Click-Thru Tracking: - Check this box to track the clicks from your emails.

Uniform Button Size:  - Check this box to standardize the size of the buttons in the email.  


Step 4: Setup the Response Trigger that will send the email


How to setup the Response Trigger email:

Once you have the Multiple Choice question setup per the steps above, you will need to add a Response Trigger that will send the email once they complete the survey.

  1. From the Surveys List tab, choose the "Additional Actions" icon and select Response Triggers in the drop down menu.
  2. Per the image below add a new trigger using the Product Request quesion in your survey.
  3. Choose "Responded" as the operator.  Note: Use "Selected" operator if you plan to create an Action Item in the ActionTracker and want to auto-assign the task based on the rows selected.  You would need a trigger for each ActionTracker user.  
  4. Then choose a Trigger Group that has not been used
  5. Type:  choose Email Respondent
  6. Now you are ready to setup your email template - using the text editor you can insert HTML code and use the Merge Fields to include things like the Respondents Name from the Name & Address item type.
  7. The email template can have 1 or 2 columns for your buttons.  If you have a lot of rows in your Multiple Choice question you might want to consider using the #Button_2X# in the body of your email.
  8. Reminder Options allows you to send a reminder email once per day for up to 3 days.  You can stagger the days using the "Every: [] days" field.  Automatic reminders will stop once the respondent clicks on any button in the original or reminder emails.





See  "Click-Thru" Tracking to view where you can track and manage your click-thru's with your responses in your survey or in the ActionTracker.

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