Add Photo to Group Table
Posted by Jay Farr, Last modified by Jay Farr on 26 June 2015 07:51 AM

Add Photo to Group Table

The Admin manages the Group Table and can modify it from their "My Account/Group Tables" section.  

How To:

  1. Go to the Admins "My Account/Group Tables" section
  2. Edit the group table by clicking on the pencil icon under Action
  3. Add Images/silhouettes/initials
    • Click on "Hide/View" Images text link to expand the rows and allow you to choose which from these types of format.

Add Photo

  1. Click on "Hide/View Images" text link to expand the row to see the format options
  2. In the "Select Image Type" dropdown select Photo as the option
  3. The File Manager popup box will appear, drag and drop the photo
  4. Then select the newly uploaded image by clicking on the green check mark
  5. The selected image will now be shown
  6. Click Save and Stay or Save to retain you changes to the table

Once you have attached the image, your record with the Photo option should look like this.

Remember!  Photos can be downloaded along with the file name when they take your surveys.  We recommend you use only the first name and just their last initial for the file name.



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