Survey Options
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Survey Options:

General Overview:

Every survey has its own unique Survey Options that allow you to customize how you want your survey to function including options like: date range, limit responses, add security options (e.g. passwords), choose your style (e.g. colors, fonts and logo), choose the navigational buttons, and add greeting and thank you pages.  You can also redirect your survey respondents upon completion of the survey and with Advanced Options you can add hidden fields to your survey link to track important data on your respondents using the Analyzer.

Surveys can have the following "Status:" also see Survey Status

  1. Design Status:  When you first create a new survey it is in the "Design Status."  The following rules apply:  No responses can be received and you can fully modify your survey as long as you do not have any responses.
  2. Open Status:  In order to receive responses your survey must be in the "Open Status."
  3. Closed Status:  No survey responses can be received.

To change your survey status:

  • Click on "Status" dropdown to change the status of your survey.
    Remember!  You must have your survey in "Open" mode before responses can be accepted.

Survey Options: General


Survey Name:  55 Character Limit Duplicate names are not allowed

Design Style:  This is where you choose which style to use.  You create your style in the Styles tab or you can choose from any of our standard styles already setup.  If you have multiple users they can share their styles which will also be included in the dropdown list.

Availability:  You can add a start and end date to your surveys which allows you to control when your survey is available.  All times start or end at midnight central standard time.

Maximum Number of Responses: Lets you limit how many responses your survey can receive.  Once the limit has been reached, your respondents will receive a message that the survey is no longer taking responses.

Email NotificationEmail Notification lets you get emailed or have a text message sent to your mobile phone for EVERY response to your survey.  You have the option to receive a notification only or include all answers to the survey.  If you want to only get notified based on defined responses see Response Triggers.

Select Questions:  Allows you to choose which questions you want to be included in the email notifications.

Comments about this Survey? Email Notification:  This feature provides a link at the bottom of your survey and allows your Respondents to provide feedback about your survey or technical issues they may have. This feature provides you with comments that can help you improve your survey with things like questions or survey length. See Comments about this Survey? for more about this feature.



Survey Options: ActionTracker Options

Also see Defined ActionTracker Triggers (Requires activation of ActionTracker feature)

The ActionTracker is activated by each survey in the Survey Options/ActionTracker Options section.  As the owner (creator) of the survey you can allow other users within your user group to modify the ActionTracker Options section by Sharing the survey.  Note: They must have AT Admin Rights.  To grant users AT Admin Rights, click on Manage ActionTracker Users and check the box for AT Admin Rights.


Turn on ActionTracker for this Survey:  Check this box to post responses from this survey to the ActionTracker.  This has to be checked first before you can set up how you want to post responses to the ActionTracker i.e. either by All Responses for this Survey or Defined ActionTracker Triggers.  Also see Posting Prior Survey Responses to ActionTracker.


Manage Photo Option:  Manage Photo Option Allows you to capture photos with any of your survey questions and works with +Add New (Manual Input) through the ActionTracker.  This feature will require a user license to complete the survey.


Manage ActionTracker Users:  (See more..) This section allows you to choose which sub-users will be able to work with the ActionTracker and this survey.  In this section you define user rights including AT Admin Rights.  Users with AT Admin Rights will see ALL action items posted from the survey and can modify any action item including reopening them.  Users without AT Admin Rights will only see those action items assigned to them and they will not be able to reopen any closed action items.


Manage Issue Codes:  This section allows you to setup Issue Codes to help classify (group) your action items for reporting purposes and better management.  These are not required to be setup.  Warning!  If you have multiple surveys that include duplicating issues, be sure to setup the exact same issue code in each survey.  This will ensure better filtering (grouping) of action items on the ActionTracker.  For example:  If you have a survey on your website as well as on your cash receipts at your retail stores;  you might want to setup an issue code like this: Code: OOS and Description: Out of Stock for both surveys so when you filter your action items for Issue Code: OOS you will be able to group both surveys in one view on the ActionTracker.

Manage Rejection Codes:  (Multi User)  When you have multiple users and you are assigning action items to them, using rejection codes allow your Assigned To users to reject them.  This feature is useful in cases where it has been assigned incorrectly or they cannot work the issue timely due to work loads or other conflicts like vacation/training etc.  When action items are rejected, the system can notify the Assignor and/or users with AT Admin Rights via email (according to their Email Notification Settings) that the action item has been rejected.  Rejection Codes should only be setup in a multi user environment.

Manage Priority Labels:  The Manage Priority Table allows you to setup your own custom labels for prioritizing your action items.  These codes are setup by each survey however, using the exact same codes will allow you to consolidate them in the Reporting/Statistics/Priority section.

Manage Next Steps:  Manage Next Steps allows you to select from your customized list of “next steps” for your action items.  This will allow you to quickly identify what are the "next steps" without having to drill down and view the action items detail page.

Manage Resolution Codes:  Allows you to track and report on how you resolved your action items.  (More...)

Manage Custom Fields:  You can add custom fields to your Action Item Details tab and create reports in the report section. (More...)

Allow User to Edit Response:  Allows you the option to give your users the ability to edit a survey response from within the ActionTracker/Survey Response tab.  This can be useful when the response represents a form e.g. sales lead or project.

Auto Close:  This feature allows you to "automatically" close an “Open” action item after a defined set of time the action item has no activity (based on the “Last Update” field).  The process can send out an “Email Warning” and/or a “Close Email” using the sub-user’s custom branded email templates, which is based on the “assigned-to” field. (More...)

Define Responses To Track:  There are 2 options available to setup that can capture and post responses from your surveys to the ActionTracker and both methods include Auto-Assign. Also see Post Prior Survey Responses to ActionTracker

1.  All Responses for this Survey

a.  Total Score:  With scoring you can define which survey responses you want to post to your ActionTracker based upon a range of points.  Example:  If you have your survey setup to have a maximum point value of 100 and you want to see all responses that score 75 points or less then enter min:0 and max:75. 

b.  Auto-Assign:  (2 Options)

Specific User 

Evenly to all Active AT Users 

c.  Include Admin: Allows you to include/omit the SurveySquare Account Admin in the auto-assigning process.

2.  Defined ActionTracker Triggers

Triggers allow you to be notified via email based on a defined response during Take Survey. AT Triggers are setup the same way but utilize Update ActionTracker Only option type. This option will post responses to the ActionTracker based upon a defined response (AT Trigger).  AT Triggers also allow you the flexibility to define the setup using either the And/Or parameters. 


Auto-Assign:  (3 Options)

  • Specific User
  • ActionTracker Custom Fields (see Manage User Custom Fields)
  • Evenly to All Active AT Users
  • Group Table (e.g. Tech table where you can auto assign to a Manager of the selected Tech)
  • Evenly to a Group Table (e.g. Sales Team where you want to do a round-robin assignment)
Include Admin:  Allows you to include/omit the SurveySquare Account Admin in the Auto-Assigning process.

Default User for Auto-Assign Failures: You have to setup a default user for each trigger you create in the event that the auto-assign fails.  They can be the same user or different user.  If the Auto-Assign fails to assign to the user then the process will assign it to the default user in the trigger, and if that fails then the system will use the master default user in Survey Options.

Include Response from Comments about this survey?:  You can and should check this box to include any comments received from your surveys on the ActionTracker.  When auto-assign is active, all responses from this source get auto-assigned to the Default User for Auto-Assign Failure.

Remember!  You must click to save your modifications for this section.




Survey Options: Security Options

Security Options:

Restrict Survey with a Password:  This will require your respondents to enter the password prior to taking your survey.  Alpha/Numeric limited to 20 characters

Restrict Survey Using an Email List:  This works with the Address Book and requires that you first Create a List with contacts.

Restrict Survey to IP Address Range:  You can define the range(s) of IP addresses (e.g. for a building) which will limit who can take your survey.

Allow survey to be taken more than once from the same computer:  By default this is already checked.  Be careful if you uncheck this option as many companies use the same IP address for each computer in the same building which would only allow one person to take the survey in this example.

Include Captcha on Survey:  This feature ensures humans are taking your surveys. (More...)



Survey Options: Response Options

Response Options:

Allow Respondent to return to finish the survey?  This is used when you deploy your survey using the Send Out Email Link from your own email program option and you want to allow your respondents to continue taking their survey later.  When this option is selected you must include the Cancel button (see Numbering and Navigation below) on the survey.  When your respondents click on the Cancel button they will be prompted to input their email address and automatically receive a link where they can continue where they left off.  Note:  If you deploy your survey using the Invite Respondents from an Email List option the links sent through the Address Book will remain live until they click the Done button.  Your respondents using this deployment method can quit at any time while taking the survey and later click on their original survey link and continue where they left off.  Their link will not expire until they click the Done button, the survey is closed, expired, deleted or you delete your sent invitations.

Allow Respondent to change prior responses?  Allows your respondent to click on the Back button while taking the survey and make changes.  If you uncheck this option but include the Back button then your respondents can only see their prior answers but not change them.  (see Numbering and Navigation below)

Allow respondent to Attach Files?  This feature displays a link on the first page of your survey (or Greeting Page) and allows your respondents to click-and-drag their files from their computer or mobile device and include them with their survey response.  (More...)

Reply to Customer Name:  This feature works with your templates allowing you to automatically insert the respondents name captured from your survey questions like “Name & Address.”  (More...)



Survey Options: Numbering and Navigation

Numbering and Navigation provides you with these options:

Page Numbering: 

  • Show progress bar with page numbers
  • Show current page number on each page
  • Show current page number as well as total number of pages
  • Do not show page numbers

Question Numbering:

  • Number each question consecutively throughout the entire survey
  • Start numbering over at each page change
  • Do not show question numbers

Back Button:

  • Display - You must also choose this option if you want to allow your respondents to change their responses. (see Response Options above)
  • Do not show

Cancel Button:

  • Close web browser
  • Do not show
  • Redirect to the completion page - The Cancel button will immediately cause the survey to complete based on the Survey Completion setting (See Survey Completion below)
  • Redirect to a custom URL - Enter a valid URL and click on the green arrow to test your link.  If it's valid you will see the web page displayed in a new window.

Survey Options: Survey Start

Survey Start Option:

  • Go to First Question
  • Start with Web Greeting Page - The Greeting Page is the first page your respondents will see when they take your survey.  Using the Text Editor you can add both text and images.



Survey Options: Survey Completion

Completion Option:

  • Close the Browser - Closes the browser when the Done button is selected
  • Display Thank You Page - Similar to the Greeting Page the Thank You Page is the last page your respondents will see when they take your survey.  Using the Text Editor you can add both text and images.
  • Display Results - This option will display ALL of your survey responses taken to-date in your survey and show your respondent how each question has been responded too.
    • Highlight Respondent's Response - This option highlights the respondents choice so they can compare their answers to ALL responses.
  • Redirect to a custom URL - Upon completion of the survey the respondent will be redirected to the URL you enter.  Enter a valid URL and click on the green arrow to test your link.  If it's valid you will see the web page displayed in a new window.
  • Custon View Results - This is an advanced feature, please contact us through our online chat so we can determine if this feature will work for your projec.  (More...)   





Survey Options: Advanced Option

The Advanced Options Querystrings allows you to add hidden fields to your survey link which can be captured in the survey response and viewed in the Analyzer View Individual Response and also in the ActionTracker in the Action Item Survey Response Tab.

Auto Populate Answers - similar to "Advance Options Querystrings" (above) this feature allows you to auto populate answers in the survey when the respondent clicks on the survey link.  This feature is helpful when you already know the answers (e.g. Customer Contact Information) and you want to auto populate the fields to minimize mistakes and further enhance the respondents survey experience.  (More...)