Import Group Table
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Import Group Table

You can import your rows from a spreadsheet to your group table.  Make sure your spreadsheet has only 1 tab, 1 row for header labels and no blank rows or blank columns.

How To:

Import Data Step 1:

  1. Select the group table to modify using the "edit" icon
  2. Select the "Import Table Data" button at the bottom of the table
  3. Select the Excel file type formats (.xls or .xlsx)
  4. Check the box if the first row contains field names 
  5. Click "Continue" to continue mapping




Import Data Step 2

  1. Select the fields to map from the spreadsheet to the group table
  2. You can import the Image Type and File Names 
  3. Choose if you want to "Replace with" or "Ignore" if the data already exists
  4. You can import a single column of data, leaving the other columns unchanged - but your must map the "GroupTable ID" field with the column(s) you want to import.
  5. Click "Continue" to import the rows.
  6. Next you can add photos or select other types of formatting (see Add Photo to Group Table)



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