Add New Group Table
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Add New Group Table

Group Tables are setup and managed by the Admin of the account.  They can be shared to sub-users to be used in surveys, triggers and reports.


How To Add a New Group Table:

  1. From the Admin users My Account select "Manage Group Table" and then click "Add New Group Table" button.
  2. Define the table fields
  3. Save the table
  4. Select the new table from the Group Table to add the records


Shareable:  Check this box if you want your sub users to utilize this group table in their surveys, triggers and reports.

Group Table:  Name of the table

Group Name:  Name of the group e.g. Tech List or Sales Team

Include Image Option:  Check this box if you want to allow the option to add photos, silhouettes (male/female) or initials.  Remember!   When adding photos to not have any spaces in the file name and for security purposes do not utilize the persons full name in the file name.  Anyone can pull down the photo images when taking the survey, so you do not want the photos file name to include their full names.

Group Table Levels:  Your table can include up to 6 custom fields which can be used in the selector dropdown fields with the Table or Carousel item types.  These fields can also be used for "auto assigning" responses in the ActionTracker e.g. you can include the manager's email ID (user ID) of the tech, and when a response trigger occurs you can automatically assign the action item to the manager using their email ID in the group table.

Once you complete the setup, "Save" the table and then from the Group Table List edit the table to add records and photos.

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