ActionTracker Manual Input Photo Option
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ActionTracker Manual Input: With Photo Option

Also see Manage Photo Option

Example of Take Survey with the ActionTracker using the Photo Option feature:

In this example we have setup a survey with the Photo Option feature turned on for a construction company.  The manager utilizes a survey to review his managers in the field using his mobile device (Ipad Mini/Iphone/Android) to take the survey and include photos.

How To:

1)      Using a mobile device, log into the ActionTracker and Navigate to the "+Add New" tab.

a.  Tip:  use the “Default Login Page” option to land on this page when you log in.

2)      Source:  Select the survey and click “Take Survey” button.  The survey will load at the bottom of the page.


3)      Take the survey as normal.  Note for this example we have Q2 setup to be part of the image file names.  We entered “15801 Switzer” for the Job site Address.


  4)      For those questions we want our images to be associated with, click on the “Capture New Image” button and “Take the Photo or Video” on the fly or “Choose Existing” images already on your device.

a. The files will automatically upload so you can continue to add more images or move on to the next question.


5)      This shows how we have customized the file name to include the response entered with question #2.

6)      When you complete the survey and attachments, click "Submit" and you will automatically land on the action item “Item Details” tab in the ActionTracker.


7)      You can then continue to work with the new action item or input another response.


 8)      The “Survey Response” tab displays the survey along with the images that were uploaded. 

a.       To view the images select the size and click on “Show All Images” button.


9)      You can add more images or remove existing images.


 10)      You can click on the image to view it in full size or download it.


 11)      The “Documents” tab displays all of the files uploaded with this action item.  In this Tab you can: 

  • Add more files
  • Delete Files
  • Share an individual file by using the link in the “Action” column
  • Or Use the “Send Email” tab and use the “Attach Files” button and email the links.


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