Manage Photo Option
Posted by Jay Farr, Last modified by Jay Farr on 07 November 2013 06:53 PM

Manage Photo Option:  Survey Options/ActionTracker Options

Also see Email Notification

Also see ActionTracker Manual Input Photo Option

Manage Photo Option allows you to capture photos with any of your survey questions and works with +Add New (Manual Input) through the ActionTracker.  This feature will require a user license to complete the survey.

This feature allows you to customize the image file names and also works in conjunction with the “Email Notification” feature allowing you to see the uploaded photos by survey question and also attach the response in a PDF format. 

Manage Photo Setup:


  1. Go to Survey Options/ActionTracker Options
  2. Click on Manage Photo Option
  3. Customize the Image File Name
  4. Default Short Name: enter up to 50 characters
  5. Select up to 3 additional questions to build the filename
  6. Select Question(s) to display the Photo Attachment Icon
  7. Save

As you customize the image file name that will be created during the +Add New/Manual Input in the ActionTracker, the file name updates automatically showing you how the file name will appear.

Example of Photo Option