Manage Priority Levels
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Manage Priority Levels – Survey Options/ActionTracker Options

The Manage Priority Table allows you to setup your own custom labels for prioritizing your action items.  These codes are setup by each survey however, using the exact same codes will allow you to consolidate them in the Reporting/Statistics/Priority section.

To Setup:

1)     Click on the Survey Options for the ActionTracker Survey

2)     In ActionTracker Options click on the “Manage Priority Labels” table


3)      Enable Table and add up to 10 priority labels.  Note that we include the row number in the dropdown field.  So in the example below the dropdown would show:

a.      1 High

b.      2 Medium

c.       3 Low

4)      From the “Action Item/Item Details” tab click on the “Priority:” dropdown field to select the priority level.

5)     Click “Update” to save your change.



When you utilize this feature with your action items, you will see the priority levels shown on the ActionTracker listing page per the mage below.

Manage Filters:  You can also filter on your priority levels by survey.

Reporting/Statistics/Priority:  Allows you to see by survey/user your priority levels.  Click here to see more.


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