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Send Email

The Send Email feature allows you to email your action item details to anyone including attachments using your branded email account.  All emails sent through the ActionTracker will be fully captured in the action item History Notes section, including replies.   

The Send Email tab is template driven, allowing you to create custom branded templates for common responses by user. 

The “Share” feature enable users in a “multi-user” account to easily copy other users' templates for faster setup and standardization of templates.

The main difference between the “Send Email” function and the “Email/Compose Email” tab is that you can include attachments with the “Send Email” feature.  See Compose Email.


Save Draft:  You can save a draft of your email with your action item and return later to complete it and send it.  You are allowed 1 draft per action item. 

Default Template:  Each user in the account can load their own Default templates, modify and save them.  The users’ templates WILL NOT impact the other users email templates within the same user group.  

Attachments:  All email tabs allow you to upload and attach any file type.  Uploaded files are saved to the Documents tab and when included as attachments they appear as encrypted links.  Recipients of the email can click on the links to download the attachments (file size 10 meg).

Completed Action Items:  Once the Action Item has been changed to a Completed status only the Send Read-Only email tab is available.  

Date/Time Stamp:  When the email has been sent (emails are sent immediately) the system will date/time stamp the action in the History Notes section.  

Recipient of Email:  The recipient of the email can click on the ActionTracker Link in the email and login.  

Reply To: All ActionTracker emails are sent using the users login ID through mail servers.  Recipient emails with automatically reply to your email ID.

Merge Fields:  These codes allow you to automatically insert data from your action items.  You can also utilize the #Customer_Name# field which will automatically insert the respondents name entered from the survey.  Click here for more.


Create/Add New Email Template


Add New Template:  To create a new email template click on the New+ button and give the template a unique name, subject line and email body content.

My Default Template:  This will cause the template to load every time you land on the “Send Email” tab.  You can only have 1 default template.  To change the default, click on the new template and select the check the box for “My Default Template” and save.

Email Body:  Using the Text Editor allows you to utilize all of the features of a text editor including images for logos.

Merge fields:  Insert any of these codes into the “Subject” line or email body.  To utilize the “Reply to Customer Name” feature which can automatically insert the customer name using the #Customer_Name# merge field click here.


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