Top Box on the Analyzer
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Top Box on the Analyzer

This feature will allow you to format the Matrix Radio Button, Radio Button, Yes/No and True/False, Star Rating and Rating Scale question types with the Top Box formatting on the Analyzer and Report Analyzer and the Scorecard.

Top Box shows graphically, using color tags (Green/Yellow/Red) how well your top answer are performing.  see example below.

This formatting can also be utilized on the Scorecard.



How To:

  1. From the Analyzer or Report Analyzer choose the Top Box Icon from the chart tool bar  
  2. The Top Box Setup popup will appear
  3. (1) Select the "Top Box" row or rows for this question - If your question includes "N/A" or "Does Not Apply" type answers, click on the "ignore" check box for that row.  This will eliminate impacting the percentage calculation for Top Box when this option has been selected in the response.
  4. (2) Confirm the Top Box percentages are defined for each row e.g. Green tag .90 to 1.00% Yellow, .80 to .89% Red .0 to .79%
  5. Click "Add Top Box to Analyzer

Example of Top Box on the Analyzer

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