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Target Group:  Online Panels  (Also see FAQ Target Group) along with Cint has partnered together that now enables our customers to deploy their surveys seamlessly to panel groups for market research.  What does that mean for market researchers?  Not only can you submit your market research projects to 7 million panelists in over 50 countries but now you can see exactly how much your project will cost instantly, BEFORE you purchase anything.  That's great when you want to develop a budget ahead of your project.  With, you are now fully in-charge of your market research projects!


  1. Create your Survey
  2. Select on Deploy Survey page the option Send Survey Link to a Target Group.  Define and purchase your Target Group to deploy your survey
  3. Analyze your results in real-time using our online analyzer

Warning!  Make sure that when you deploy your survey to a Target Group or Panel that your survey DOES NOT:

  1. Ask for personal contact information
  2. Include logos
  3. Use non-native language

How to Deploy Survey to Target Group:

Step 1:  From Deploy Survey Page select the last option Send Survey Link to a Target Group.

Step 2:  Define your Target Group in the Basic and Profiling tabs.

Step 1: Basic tab includes demographics for Country, Region, Gender and Age.

  • Determine the number of Completed surveys needed for your survey and input the total.
  • Do you ask qualifying questions before allowing a respondent to take your full survey?  This option is used more with our more advanced researchers.  If you know what "incidence rate" you will expect for your target group then once you have defined your target group you would input a % for your "Qualified Respondents" to determine if you have enough qualified respondents to take your survey.  For example:  Lets assume that you need 1,000 "Completed" surveys and after you have defined your target group it shows you have 1,500 "Available respondents" but you know that half (50% incident rate) will not qualify when they take your survey.  You would then input 50% into the "Qualified Respondents" field which would recalculate the "Available respondents" and show 750 which is below the desired "completed" respondents of 1,000.  If you still deploy your survey, Cint will most likely be giving you a call to validate your settings prior to launching your survey. 

Once you have completed the first tab click on Continue to advance to Step 2:Profiling tab.

Note:  As you input values and select different profile options the Price will automatically adjust allowing you to know exactly what the panel will costs BEFORE you purchase anything.

Step 2: Profiling tab:  The Profiling tab includes the following additional targeting options you can choose from to complete your Target Group:

  • Standard Demographics       Household
    Educational level                  Martial Status 
    Occupation status                 Household Size
    Ethnicity                              Number of Children
                                              Age of children
                                              Personal Income
                                              Household Income
  • Profession                               Transportation
    Company Size                       Car Access
    Field of Expertise                  Motorcycle Access
    Professional Position             Purpose of travelling by Plane
    in company 
  • Other
    Glasses/Contact Lenses
    Smoking Habits
    Use of Mobile Phone Features

Step 3: Overview tab:  This tab summarizes the Target Group you have defined.  If you are ready to deploy your survey click on the Buy button to complete the purchase using a credit card.  Once you click on the Submit Payment button and your transaction is approved you will land on the Confirmation tab and your survey will be deployed. 
That's it!  All you have to do now is wait for the responses to roll in.  You can view them in the Analyzer anytime.

Here's a few additional things we do behind the scenes with this deployment method.

  1. Redirect Upon Survey Completion:  In order to notify Cint that a survey has been completed by one of their panelists we disable any Thank You page you may have setup and insert a redirect link in your Survey Options which will take the respondent to that page upon completion.  This process is required in order for the panelist to get credit for responding to your survey.  If you make any changes to the redirect link then Cint will not be able to determine how many completions you have. 
  2. Update Deployment Method on the Analyzer:  We update the Deploy Method on the Analyzer to Target Group.  This is just an indicator and can be changed when you deploy the same survey to another method.  So we strongly recommend that you only deploy this survey to a single method to avoid any mishaps with your Target Group. 
  3. An Email Confirmation will also be sent immediately with your invoice attached.  This will be sent to the Admin of the account.  The invoice can also be viewed by the Admin in their My Account Past Invoices section.

Multiple Target Groups for the same survey:  If you want to deploy your survey to multiple Target Groups click on the "Purchase another group for this survey" link and define and purchase the next group.  Cint will deploy the survey again to the next group. 

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