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ActionTracker -  See our 2 minute Video   

To learn more about this feature contact us directly at 913.712.9882 (M-F 8 am-5 pm CST) or email us at Contact Us and we will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a demo.

The ActionTracker enables our users to manage their survey responses, sales leads, support questions, or small projects (we call them 'Action Items') all online in a multi-user environment. 

Manage and track customer feedback until the issues are resolved with ActionTracker.  Our Customer Experience Management Software features a suite of products that integrate seamlessly, without the need for spreadsheets or 3rd party CRM tools.  Giving you full visibility and control over one of your most important assets, your customers.  

Key Features:

Action Item Status Codes - Fully track the 'Life-Cycle' of your Action Item with User Definable Status Codes.

Multi User - You can have as many sub-user accounts as you need.  For large multi-user accounts you can utilize our import/export feature simplify managing your sub-user account information for easy setup and maintenance.

Auto-Assign - You can auto-assign your 'Action Items' for your survey responses using a range of options including 1) Specific Users, 2) Evenly or 3) Table Driven lookup from a survey response question types (Drop down, Radio button, Open ended).

'Next Steps' Codes - Select from your user defined list of "Next Steps" to easily identify what the next steps are for your action items.

Priority Labels - Allows you to choose the priority level for your action items.

Auto-Close - You can auto-close your action items after a user defined period of time.  When you reply to the respondent leaving the action item open for a period of time and if they don't respond the action item will automatically close.  They can get a email warning message alerting them that their action item will close if they do not respond.  This is a great time saver!

Manual Input - Your 'Action Items' whether they are customer comments, projects or sales leads can also be added manually (the reason can be limitless!) and can be manually assigned.  Includes PHOTO Option!  You can setup your surveys/questionnaire to capture photos associated by question from your mobile device (iPhone/Android/iPads supported).  Great for Tech's in the field!

Survey's with File Attachment -  Our surveys can be easily designed for any purpose, and includes the option for the respondent to attach files including photos. 

Auto-Notification - With the auto-notification (including Manual Input) feature we can inform your users  when 'Action Items' have been assigned to them via email, e.g. when their 'Action Item' has been modified or when they have received an 'branded' email.  This eliminates the need for users to have to be logged into the system to view activity on their 'Action Items.'

Email Tab -  Lets you quickly see and manage your email activity at a glance.  Includes "Archiving" and viewing sub-user email activity.

Branded Emails - Send and Receive your emails using a fully 'Branded' email account.  We capture emails sent and received for your 'Action Actions' allowing you to follow the complete correspondence until the 'Acton Item' has been closed.  Use the 'Auto-Notification' settings to automatically notify you when you get a reply to any email you sent through the ActionTracker.

Email Templates - You can set up multiple templates for 'canned' responses saving time in sending emails.

Documents Tab - Captures and saves documents, photos, (most file types supported) received through your surveys or emails.

Interface to Outlook - You can create and save tasks and/or meetings with Outlook. 

Audit Trails - Capture and 'date/time' stamp all activities as you work your 'Action Items' for a full audit trail.  'Action Items' cannot be modified once they have been completed.  They will have to be reopened, and you can control who has the ability to 'reopen' them. 

Dashboard - Management can now easily monitor the status of your action items.  From the number of daily action items received to the average completion time. 

Contact Us:  To learn more about our ActionTracker please contact us directly at 913.712.9882 (M-F 8 AM-5 PM Central Time Zone) or email us at  We start by listening and learning about your needs and requirements and then determine if the ActionTracker is a good fit.  If we believe it is a good fit we will then schedule an online demo and show you how the ActionTracker can benefit your Organization.

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