Address Book General Overview
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Address Book General Overview:

The Address Book is designed to allow you to add contacts and group them into an unlimited number of lists for deploying your surveys by email through SurveySquare's email system.  In addition, the Address Book provides 6 additional custom fields for each contact (9 total fields). You can also import or export your contacts from/to using Microsoft Excel or CSV file formats and send out a survey invitation from any list.

When you deploy your surveys using a list in the Address Book you can monitor the responses and send out "Follow-up Reminders" to your invitation list based on their response status (e.g. Incomplete or No Response) which helps increase your response rates.

With the Address Book we track the responses so that you do not have to send out reminders to everyone.  The "Follow-up Reminder" feature can also be used when you deploy your surveys "Anonymously" with the Address Book.

View all of your contacts in the Address Book.  You can filter by column and/or use the Alpha Bar for a quick lookup.

Search for contacts using any field including custom fields.

Add single or multiple contacts at a time.

Import contacts using a spreadsheet.

Export contacts to a spreadsheet.

Modify your 6 Custom Fields per contact.

View all of your lists in the Address Book.

  Create a new list in the Address Book.

Click on any "Recently Used Lists" for quick reference

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