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Image Manager: (Also see Text Editor )

The Image Manager stores all of your images/logo's (restricted to100KB .gif & .jpg file types) when working with your Survey Style or Report Options.

To Upload a new image: From Either Edit Styles or Report Options

  1. Click on the Image Manager Folder icon
  2. Click on browse and select your image from your computer and click "Open"
  3. Then press the "Upload Image" button.
  4. Use the "Sort by" feature when you have multiple images

Preview Image from within the Image Manager - Click on the image to preview its full size

Save to Desk Top - Right on the image and choose "Save Target As.." and save it to your desktop

To Add the Image to your Survey:

  1. Once you have uploaded your image to the Image Manager it will be displayed where you can now select it to be used in your Survey Style or Report by clicking on the "green circle check mark."
  2. Press the "Trash Can" icon to delete it. 
  3. Be sure to check the "checkbox" in order for the image to be included in your Edit Styles or Report Options.

Note:  Sharing Images -The Image Manager does not allow you to see or share your images between other users in a Multi-User account.  If you want to use an image from another sub-user account have them "right-click" on the image and save it to the desktop and then once you get it upload it to the Image Manager per the instructions above.

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