Styles General Overview
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Styles General Overview:

The Styles section lets you create and apply your own design (e.g. colors/fonts/logos/buttons etc.) to your surveys or choose from one of SurveySquare's available Styles.  In addition, you can share your styles with users within your Multi-User account.  Remember  Whenever you create a new survey from scratch it will default to SurveySquare's "Default" style which is shown in your Survey Options "General/Design Style:" section.  You can change the style to any style available in the dropdown list or create your own.

View your styles that are Active or Inactive on the page.

Create a new style from Scratch, Copy style from an existing style or Copy from a SurveySquare style.

Preview your Style to see how it looks  Click on the icon to save your style to an Adobie PDF file.

Edit your Style where you can make any changes even while your survey is live.

Quickly Copy an existing style.

Delete a Style.  Caution!  This is permanent.

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