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Modify Q-Bank Option
Posted by Jay Farr, Last modified by Jay Farr on 26 June 2012 12:35 PM

Modify Q-Bank Option:  also see Q-Banks General Overview

Q-Banks Options lets you change the name of your Q-Bank or its options including "Active Status" or "Shared Status."  Inactive Q-Banks will not be included in the dropdown list when you add display items to your survey.  Shared Q-Banks will allow other sub-users in your Multi-User license account to use your Q-Bank when they are also adding questions to their surveys.  Remember:  A "shared" Q-Bank that is not active will not allow sub-users to use your Q-Bank.

How to:

  1. Click on the Q-Banks tab
  2. Click on Edit Q-Banks icon
  3. Click on
  4. Modify your settings and click "Continue" to save your changes

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