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Create New Q-Bank
Posted by Jay Farr, Last modified by Jay Farr on 20 June 2012 05:50 PM

Create New Q-Bank:  also see Q-Banks General Overview

Q-Banks let you "bank" your display items in groups (just like a survey) whereby you can draw from your "banked" list when adding survey questions, saving you time.

How to:

  1. Click on the Q-Banks tab
  2. Click on
  3. Enter a Q-bank name
  4. Choose which option to create the Q-bank list:
    • From scratch:  Create a new one and add your own item types
    • Copy from an Q-Bank: Copy from any Q-Bank included "shared" Q-Banks in your Multi-User account (they must share their Q-banks before you will see them in the dropdown list)
    • From a template:  You can copy questions from any of our templates
  5. Active:  Yes: will include the Q-Banks in your dropdown list when you add item types in your surveys
  6. Shared:  Yes: This will allow other sub users to copy from your Q-Bank in your Multi-User account

Once you have created your Q-Bank you can add/edit/delete item types and/or Modify your Q-Bank Options.

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