When it comes to Mobilogic’s integrations, seeing is believing!

With our interactive demo, features come alive and you can better appreciate how SurveySquare solutions, services and tools can help you better understand your customers.

Do more with your MobiLogic subscription. Together, we provide the tools you need to better understand your residential and commercial customers, anticipate their needs, and continue to provide a one-of-a-kind, exceptional customer experience.

SurveySquare automatically requests a review or feedback when the Technician completes the job in the field.

Interactive Review Widget allows your site visitors to easily read your reviews from SurveySquare, Google, Facebook, Yelp and BBB.

Add Zingers to your website that link to your Review Widget.

Repost your Reviews! Highlight your great reviews with our reposting feature to your Google, Facebook or Instagram business feeds.

Appointment Reminders are a great tool in communicating appointment times with your customers.

Text, Email and/or Voice Reminders using our custom templates with a personalized message.

Auto-Reply Text Back Confirmation Message for SMS

With our Voice Platform you won’t have to worry about having their mobile number to text them – any phone number will work!

Dispatch notifications help build confidence by letting your customers know your team is on the way.

Notify your customers via Text/Email/Voice your team is on the way!

Custom Responsive/HTML Templates supports team member profile and photo

Fully Branded URL

Personalized Message

Use our Mobile APP in the field and let your team members dispatch and/or ask for a review using any Android/Apple mobile devices.

Our Voice feature works great with Preventative Maintenance Programs

Voice Campaigns allow you to communicate with all of your customers.

Voice Campaigns reach everyone with a phone number and NOT just mobile users

Send Text/Email/Voice messages to your customers:

  • Schedule their Preventive Maintenance Appointments
  • Call in to update their credit card information
  • Promotions/Special Offers

Brand campaigns using the phone number, so customers can easily trust that the call is not a robo call and will answer the call

Campaigns can be scheduled and in batches to help spread call-in loads

Use our “Text to Speech” or “Record” the message in your own voice

Advanced Call Menu Options come standard!

Connect with us to see the MobiLogic’s SurveySquare integration in action. Do more in less time with this essential add-on!