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Case Studies

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Case Studies


Corporations and nonprofits around the world use SurveySquare's software solutions to gain vital business information and improve communication with a wide range of constituencies.

ShopKo LLC – Challenge

ShopKo LLC operates more than 148 “big box” retail stores nationwide from their home office in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The fast-growing company wanted to implement a robust customer feedback program with near real-time reporting capabilities funneled directly to their store operations team. They also needed a solution that offered scalability to address future growth plans without the affiliated cost-burden of additional staffing.


ShopKo selected for a trial run, launching a monthly customer drawing for a ShopKo spending card to maximize response. Once the company created their first survey, they were quickly able to launch it across all 10 stores simultaneously via a survey invitation on their retail receipts. Initial response was extremely positive: ”Everyone here is very excited about this program, both the cost and simplicity of the whole thing.”


Based on the overwhelming success of the initial trial run, ShopKo launched more extensive customer feedback for all store locations. Doug McHose, Senior Vice President of Store Operations, stated: ”SurveySquare has added tremendous value in terms of our overall customer feedback. We now get information daily from our customers around their overall experience in all of our stores, where we are delighting them and where we have opportunities to improve. The process to launch was very non-intrusive and, in fact, so easy, we launched the survey in all of our stores in the month of December. SurveySquare has been very easy to work with and has made the process a real pleasure.”

Using SurveySquare’s automated Report Shares feature, ShopKo created a report for each store manager and Customer Service Department. Now, survey responses and real-time customer feedback are automatically and proactively emailed daily and weekly. Daily reporting helps the company’s operations team understand customer needs by providing the tools necessary to communicate customer responses at the unit level and make adjustments immediately – before problems negatively impact their bottom line.

“ShopKo is also able to manage their entire customer feedback program without ever adding additional resources,” explains Jay Farr owner and founder of “We’re thrilled to equip ShopKo with easy and effective customer feedback acquisition and assessment tools.”

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