Connect with your customers.
Increase your social media presence.

Drive revenue growth by increasing buyer confidence.

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SurveySquare is your source for a data-driven, customer-focused online service that helps you identify and adapt to your customers’ changing attitudes, needs, and wants.

What we do

We provide you with the solutions, services, and tools to better understand your customers, anticipate their needs, and continue to provide a one-of-a-kind, exceptional customer experience.


Our innovative, easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly create customized surveys to ensure you're capturing the most comprehensive, actionable data you need to achieve your goals.


Collect more social media reviews and customer feedback with our mobile texting or email platforms. Our surveys go where your customers are!


Our comprehensive, sophisticated analytics provide you with the tools you need to analyze every survey in-depth.


With SurveySquare, you'll finally have all the data directly from your customers to help adapt your business, revolutionize your service or product, and increase long-term revenue growth with confidence.


Get more reviews!

  • Manage Reviews – Oversee, organize, and manage customer reviews from one convenient location.
  • Review Widget – Consolidate your Google, Facebook, Yelp & BBB Reviews along with SurveySquare surveys with our fully branded, interactive widget on your website.
  • Repost your reviews – repost your great reviews and survey responses to your Google/Facebook and Instagram business feeds.

Improve accountability and follow-through for better customer service.

  • Track and auto-assign issues and sales leads in real-time.
  • Manage workflows with greater oversight.
  • Keep track of your action items with full audit trails.
  • Monitor communication between team and customers.
  • Identify trends amongst team members.

Stay in touch seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

  • VOIP – Easily make crystal clear calls to your customers thru your browser with one click.
  • SMS – Organize and track customer conversations by use of threads for ongoing communication.
  • Email – Effortlessly manage emails with custom templates, appointment reminders, and dispatch.

Identify top performers automatically.

  • Quickly generate Employee Perfomrance Reports using customer feedback for annual or periodic reviews.
  • Scorecards easily identify your top performers and track your underperformers for coaching.
  • Measure your employee’s engagement with our full suite of Employee Surveys including periodic pulse surveys, and annual employee surveys including “360 evaluations". Outsource your employee surveys to SurveySquare, we can help.
  • Incentivize employees with our Leaderboard Report and reward them for getting positive reviews.

Our Partners and Friends

Client reviews

Hear success stories straight from our customers.
“SurveySquare has been a great tool and asset for our company. The platform and the ActionTracker feature, inform us to provide the best possible service for our customers, and the support team is ready to help at any moment if an issue arises.”
Emilia Clarke
Drew Joiner
Marketing Coordinator at Lee Company
"We here at Recreations Outlet have a unique process with a lot of variables that we were in desperate need for better communication for our customers but with the uniqueness of our business we were unsure where to start. Someone referred us to Jay at SurveySquare, we were able to explain our process fully and from there they made a plan to fit our needs, with the ability to add future services. Very easy to communicate with, to learn from and we are very happy with the services! Thanks, Team Recreations Outlet"
Emilia Clarke
Tara Miller
Recreations Outlet
"Our company implemented SurveySquare review platform in 2017 to expand and elevate our performance and reviews. Jay Farr and team have been extraordinary to work with on an ongoing basis. From troubleshooting to updates and upgrades to just being immediately responsive, Jay and team are truly the best of the best. I appreciate his communication style and proactive approach to his clients. A huge fan! "
Emilia Clarke
Jean Nemeti
Director of Strategic Marketing and Brand Development
"SurveySquares appointment reminders and review widget are a game changer. They have helped my company capture more google reviews in 1 single month then we have been able to do in 10 years. Jay and his team set the standard for excellence in customer service, the man is always available I don't know how he does it."
Emilia Clarke
Casey McCreadie
PDQ Door Sales & Service
"SurveySquare’s Voice Message Platform has been a game changer for us!  We service a wide range of age groups, and we were consistently not able to text customers who have a landline as their primary contact.  Once we started sending voice messages, we saw a huge increase in the number of successful messages as well as an increase in the number of customers who responded.  As a bonus, we’re able to set up the voice messages to look like they’re coming from our office number!  We’ve been using voice messages for scheduling reminders, appointment confirmations, obtaining updated billing information as well as marketing.  We’ve had a great response from our customers and it is definitely a process we plan to continue."
Emilia Clarke
Candice Salley
Accounting Manager
"SurveySquare has been important to our understanding of how our customers view us and our services. The support we get from their team is top notch. They are also always brining ideas to the table to help us get more responses."
Emilia Clarke
Michael Brown
Director of Customer Experience