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Provides a better customer experience through increased Accountability and Follow Through.

"It’s a great tool for department managers to be accountable to promptly address and resolve customer complaints and measure and coach their technicians when appropriate."

Susan Sarno, Customer Service and Marketing Manager A.B. May

Company Interaction

Company Interaction

Your customers make a purchase online or in your brick-and-mortar store, participate through online chat or over the phone. Field service technicians complete onsite services and complete a questionnaire. A student completes a class.

Survey Completed

Survey Completed

Your customer or employee completes a survey online, on paper or on Mobile Devices. Once submitted, responses automatically updates the ActionTracker™ based on their response or score, assigns a manager, and notifies key stakeholder via email.

Customer Resolution

Customer Resolution

ActionTracker™ will effectively track all employee/customer communications, capture resolution activities including emails and attachments, enter notes into the Action Item, and schedule meetings through Microsoft Outlook integration.

Coaching & Documenting

Coaching & Documenting

Take advantage of the ActionTracker™ Scorecard to easily track your high performing techs, employees, or locations. Discover weaknesses with your lower performing employees or locations and then coach and document their progress.

Action Items Closed

Action Items Closed

Create status codes to track the life cycle of action items. Continually update your open action items until they are marked complete, but once completed, they cannot be modified. Each activity is date/time stamped by user for a complete audit trail.

Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis

Management can view user login times and lengths as well as issue activity from a single screen. Other views include issue codes, priorities, and next steps. There are also several easy-to-export charts for analyzing all surveys.

See How It Works

Don’t wait weeks or months to respond to a customer’s survey response. Do it now with ActionTracker™. When a survey response is completed, the ActionTracker™ can automatically assign your staff based on powerful criteria. Review all your data from a single program and even export your analyses.

ActionTracker Key Features™

Be Collaborative

  • Multi-user
  • Auto-assign Action Items
  • Store Documents
  • Dashboard Views
  • Get your team to ensure your customer’s experience went well, or take action when it didn’t.

Communicate Timely

  • Auto-notify Users
  • Branded Emails
  • Canned Email Templates
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Community with your customers and their representatives. Your visibility ensures that timely action is being taken.

Be Powerful

  • Create Custom Input
  • Use Online or Paper Surveys
  • Attach Photos and Documents to Questions
  • Mobile Device Ready
  • Surveys and Templates can easily be customized and branded to meet your needs.

Demonstrate Accountability

  • Audit Trails
  • Reporting including Scorecard
  • Coaching Documentation
  • User-defined Alerts
  • You decide who is responsible and track when issues are completed. Gain confidence that your customers are taken care of.

How It's Used

Create Online

Manufacturer Collects Feedback through eCommerce

They knew listening was important, but following-through was an issue. ActionTracker™ eliminated their need to use spreadsheets for managing customer comments. Management now has full visibility.

Collect Responses

200 Field Service Professionals Deliver Quality Service Daily

They had responses, but it was too much to handle. Using the automated follow-through, they were now able to rapidly respond to each customer. Management can now monitor from start to resolution.

Analyze Results

Regional Multi-location Retail Store Maintains Quality Sales & Service

A family-owned business avoided being spread too thin. Using the ActionTracker™ Scorecard, this business was able to monitor customer experience throughout their stores, without travel expenses.