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  1/08/08 - Spring Hill Recreation Commission ( provides a variety of recreational programs including sports, gymnastics and dance for all age demographics. SurveySquare is their chosen provider for coach, parent and participant feedback acquisition. Near real-time feedback helps the Commission continually provide relevant, quality community programs to Spring Hill, Kansas residents.
  11/29/07 – ShopKo LLC ( - NYSE: SKO), a publicly-held, independent company, operates more than 148 big box retail stores across multiple states. The company’s EyeCare Division recently launched a new service supporting online contact lens orders. ShopKo again chose SurveySquare to provide the technology necessary to gather transaction feedback. As a result, ShopKo is now able to quickly evaluate and measure their customers’ online shopping experience using a seamless website form.
  10/17/07 - Kansas State Representative Ronnie Metsker (, representing the 24th District in the Kansas House of Representatives, needed a way to boost constituent communication on key issues. He selected SurveySquare based on the applications ease-of-use and simplicity for both survey administrators and respondents. Metsker now publishes routine surveys on his website and newsletters covering a variety of pressing topics. Response has been phenomenal. “Survey Square is a great service for the community and those seeking input, information and intelligence regarding decisions and direction needing to be made based on client, membership, constituent base,” Metsker explains. “SurveySquare is such a slick system and so user-friendly. The SurveySquare staff was extremely helpful.”
  8/29/07 – The Willoughby Design Group (, a firm focused on helping companies restore customer and investor trust through strategic brand-building initiatives, needed a professional survey platform for several client initiatives. was selected to help evaluate a new company name on behalf of a client.
  7/13/07 - Morgan Hunter (, a specialized recruiting firm needed a robust survey tool to assess substitute teachers referred to various school districts. SurveySquare satisfied all of their needs. “The information that we are able to extract from our clients and candidates by using Survey Square has been invaluable,” states Erin Augustine, Staffing Specialist at Morgan Hunter Education Division. “Our questions are always promptly answered, and we know assistance is just a phone call away. That’s great customer service!”
  7/3/07 - Overland Park Economic Development Council (, an investment partnership among the City of Overland Park, the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce and more than 70 private business community investors, chose SurveySquare to automate and expedite member assessment regarding key issues and to provide OPEDC guidance in several operational aspects. Results were both impressive and immediate. “Of all the computer software or Internet-based programs we have used, we have found very few providers with the immediacy and responsiveness of SurveySquare,” explained Andrew Nave, Business Recruitment and Retention Manager for OPEDC. “Any issue or challenge we get ourselves into, either technical or with survey content, SurveySquare has responded quickly and professionally.”
  5/15/2007 - Aquila Inc. (, an electric and natural gas distribution company serving approximately 900,000 customers across five Midwestern states, needed a fully anonymous survey solution to assist their employees. SurveySquare provided the ideal blend of features and functionality, delivering independent results, reliable design and interim reporting support.
  4/9/07 - The Kansas City T-Bones (, an Independent Northern League baseball team, selected to help in gathering feedback from their baseball fans during the 2007 summer season and beyond. Facing another record-breaking period, helped managers and team members understand where their fans came from and assessed patron responses to team performance.
  2/13/07 - Kansas City Mayoral candidate (, Mark Funkhouser, chose to gather campaign feedback via his website. “It's a tough job running for office. As a candidate, I needed a website that was more than just a brochure floating in cyberspace,” Funkhouser explained. “ helped me to turn my site into a virtual campaign worker that interacted with potential voters. It was an indispensable component of my successful campaign for mayor.”
  January 11, 2007 - Press Release, one of today’s leading web-based, self-service survey applications, is thrilled to add Ducks Unlimited ( to its list of satisfied customers for survey development, deployment and analysis. Ducks Unlimited (DU), a non-profit conservation organization, is committed to maintaining a strong North American waterfowl population through a comprehensive and highly effective habitat conservation program.
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  Sept 29, 2006 - Press Release, one of today’s leading web-based, self-service survey applications, is pleased to announce its service partnership with ShopKo, LLC (NYSE: SKO), a publicly-held, independent company.  As its exclusive survey solution provider, SurveySquare will support the company’s 148 store locations across the United States.
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  9/5/06 - Nazdar (, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of screen and digital printing inks and chemicals, chose to expedite and automate employee satisfaction surveys. Anissa Elsey, Nazdar’s V.P. of Human Resources explained: “Perhaps the most beneficial feature of incorporating Survey Square into our Company is the ability to conduct surveys on random yet important topics on an ad hoc basis. Some of the surveys we have conducted have saved us from proceeding with what we thought our employees wanted to do.  This translates into cost savings and ultimate employee satisfaction.”
  July 1, 2006 - Press Release today announced the launch of its new web-based, self-service survey application.  The company caters to non-profit, government and corporate customers.
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