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Founded in 2004, SurveySquare is one of today’s leading web-based, self-service survey applications trusted by a diverse range of corporate, consulting and non-profit organizations – from retailers to event planners, and educational facilities to hospitality venues. The company provides a broad range of turn-key solutions, with tiered subscription plans and pricing models. These tools help organizations manage cost while avoiding heavy upfront investments in custom software design, hardware, servers, technical support and dedicated IT personnel.

SurveySquare simplifies and expedites the often daunting task of customer and stakeholder assessment, helping clients manage everything from planning and questionnaire design to delivery, campaign evaluation and results presentation. Data is available in real-time. So organizations can implement changes before negative word-of-mouth spreads or business profits are impacted. Because input is electronic, clients save money on manual data entry, avoiding the complications of illegible handwriting.

With its robust, reliable technological platform, clients can archive important campaign data without draining internal resources. SurveySquare is scalable enough for any small business or non-profit organization, while offering highly advanced, state-of-the-art functionality required by some of today’s largest global organizations.

SurveySquare unites a dedicated team of marketing, software development and administrative professionals committed to offering remarkable, best-of-breed software solutions to discriminating clients across the nation.

3965 W. 83rd St.
Suite 115
Prairie Village, KS 66208

Phone: (913) 712-9882
Fax: (866) 525-5240


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